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and I'm addicted to search engines.

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I'm Adam Moro, Digital Marketing Manager at Orange Static, a boutique web development and digital marketing agency based in Portland. Chances are, if you're reading this, I've applied for a position at your company. Let me first say thank you for your interest! I look forward to connecting soon to discuss next steps. In the meantime, here's me on "paper!"

Professional Skills

Wordpress 90%
Digital Marketing 90%
PHP & MySQL 70%
HTML & CSS 90%
JavaScript 60%
Google Analytics 90%

I see so many of these skill graph things around the web but never have I seen anything accompanying them that explains what the numbers mean. As far as these numbers are concerned, the percentage next to each skill represents my self appointed comfort level and proficiency with that skill. My WordPress skill, for instance, is listed at 90% because I'm proficient with around that much of the CMS. I know it inside and out, the frontend interfaces and the code that runs them. Yet, I've never written a widget, so I feel a 90% is reasonable. That said, I'm sure I could write a widget with some time and a very large cup of black coffee!

Work Experience

March 2008 - Present


Digital Marketing Manager

This is where I learned to code more than header tags and title elements. I founded Orange Static in 2008 as an SEO consultancy and later branched it out into offering development services. The company rapidly became a valued web development and digital marketing asset for various non-profits, documentary foundations and films. This enabled me to hone my SEO skill set by removing the intellectual barriers to implementing some of the most important SEO best practices. I manage the digital marketing strategy development and execution for all client engagements that includes work with PBS, Vanguard University, MD Anderson, Mt. Sinai, The Fledgling Fund, Creative Visions Foundation and a various many of award-winning documentary films.

July 2007 – March 2008


SEO Analyst

Doing SEO for one of the largest ad agencies in Southern California was almost as fun as working for myself. I developed and implemented SEO campaigns in a number of industries, including: Health Care, Real Estate, Divorce Law, Skin Care / Acne Treatment and Tax Resolution. My reason for leaving and starting Orange Static was simply that DGWB had to lay some folks off, and unfortunately for me at the time, I was one of them. Fortunately for me in the long run, however, it offered the perfect opportunity for me to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

May 2007 - July 2007


SEO Technician

Here's where I got to flex my SEO skills and start having some fun with really tough keywords. I developed and implemented SEO campaigns for a number of websites (both B2B and B2C facing), targeting keywords in the insurance and mortgage spaces. I achieved a number of ranking successes for their websites, but the one that stood out the most to me was securing a top ten position for "homeowners insurance" during a time when banks would loan a million dollars to daffy duck if he could manage to sign his name.

July 2006 - May 2007


Website Marketing Specialist

This is where I got my start in digital marketing. I concurrently managed SEO campaigns for over 100 real estate websites, maintaining a top ten ranking percentage of nearly 100% for each client's two chosen keywords (which usually consisted of the realtor's city coupled with "real estate"). I learned here how to be effective at getting sites ranked as well as how to communicate SEO to clients who most of the time were not very tech savvy.

July 2005 - July 2006


Leasing Consultant

This was beginning of my career. Fresh out of college and thinking I could do anything, I took a shot at sales. Turns out, this job brought the geek out of me real fast. I gave it a year and decided it was time to let the geek flag fly and find a job in tech.


  • Adam was very detailed and intuitive with my account. He assisted me in many aspects of our campaign to ensure a quick and successful venture. I would highly recommend Adam for anything in relation to SEO, he is a true professional.

    Audrey Chabak Digital Marketing Manager, Microsoft
  • Adam's talent runs as deep as his expertise. Adam serves clients by providing solutions while promoting ideas and tips that go beyond the basic requirements. Adam is an avid learner, seeking the most cost effective and user friendly solutions to client needs. He genuinely cares of the mission of our institution and the unique needs of our various staff members. I highly recommend Adam to anyone who seeks a developer with creativity to match his expertise; delivers superb customer service; is reliable and trustworthy; and is never satisfied with the status quo.

    Kelly Kannwischer VP at Vanguard University
  • I have hired Adam for multiple projects. I would quickly hire him again for any new projects that come along.

    Clark Severson Director at Avant Productions
  • Adam will probably be one of the most successful search engine marketing professionals in our industry because he's so driven. He stays on top of the field with exhaustive research and he never turns off the innovation switch. I would certainly jump at the opportunity to work with him again.

    Seven Bates Marketing Director at Cognito Motorsports
  • We needed Internet Marketing and Web Development expertise for a very innovative and consumer friendly online mortgage company we were launching called Looking for a quick, inexpensive, yet professional solution we met with a lot of marketing and web development companies. Adam stood apart with his holistic approach, business acumen, and face to face dealings. He talked about the importance of Strategy and Site Architecture and really understood what we were trying to accomplish. Adam helped us clarify our requirements and improve our messaging. He and his company developed a winning website in a matter of 5 (very long) days, on time and on budget. We would recommend Adam and his Internet Marketing and Web Development services to anyone (except maybe our competitors).

    Josh Balbuena VP Sales at Ladera Lending

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